Family Christmas

Christmas Time

Everyone knows that Christmas is the time for Jesus,¬†family, food, and, of course, presents. A lot of us do not think about the bigger picture though. This time of year it can be important to find good deals to get good presents or to search for a new recipe so you can have the best dish at Christmas supper. We don’t usually think to just stop and breathe and spend time with our families.¬†Everybody wants things to go perfectly at their house for Christmas. But it’s perfectly ok to not be perfect even for a big holiday like Thanksgiving or even Christmas. You’re family will not care a bit about cute your dishes are or about how you stayed up all night searching for interior decorations for your living room. It’s important to make sure your relationship with your family members is more important than the cake that just fell in after coming out of the oven. After the holidays are over, they will remember the memories and the time that you spent together not all that other material stuff. Just remember this holiday season that a good relationship with your family and a relationship with Christ are so much more important than anything else.